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Storytelling For


Original and powerful approaches to story, customized differently for creatives, scientists, and business leader. 

For Creatives

Wow audiences with originality and relatability

For Scientists

Impactfully inform with clear logic and genuine persuassion

For Business

Win hearts and minds with modern, pratical, and relevant storytelling

Past Talks & Trainings

“Troy has the superpower to turn science into tools”

Brad Robertson

Partner, On Your Feet

"I stumble across situations regularly, weekly, if not more, where I recall something that came from the workshops."

Casey Ingles

Director of Brand Strategy, Owens Corning

"Within the first 10 minutes, they had attendees telling stories and getting comfortable finding their authentic voice"

Pamela Kelly-Dockter

Women's Leadership Academy Product Owner, Intel

As a former Disney Imagineer, Duke behavioral science PhD, and Oregon marketing professor, I bring a distinct "scientific mind, artistic heart" philosophy to help everyone reach new heights in their storytelling. 

Storytelling for Creatives

Write the most creative, artistic, and impactful stories that wow audiences with originality and relatability.


I help you hone your vision and be even more creative with a  unique and powerful blend of psychology and art.


Past Clients: Disney Imagineers, Nike Marketers, Indie Artists, Blizzard, Google Brand Studio, R2C


Storytelling For Science People


Communicate the value of your data and ideas in a logical and compelling way.


I help you intuitively grasp how story is fundamentally logic, something you are already amazing at, so can communicate your ideas to honestly inform and genuinely persuade.


Past Clients: Owens Corning, UnitedHealth Group, WebMD Health Services, Intel, Stanford Design School, Netflix



Storytelling For Business Leaders


Tell stories that are relevant to your current audience and win new hearts and minds.


I help the best marketers tell the most modern stories with truly original and powerful insights on story, top business leaders communicate their vision with powerful practical tools, and story novices master advanced tools in unique workshops.


Past Clients: Apple, Microsoft, Proctor & Gamble, QVC, Uber

Splattered Paint

Multi-Narrative Storytelling
 How to tell a big story through many narratives: a technique all can learn and improve at 

Art by OYF and Gary Hirsch

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