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I use a scientific mind, artistic heart approach to help your team learn and make amazing things 


Original and powerful Ideas to help your team learn and do amazing things


Powerful approaches for big picture design and idea generation in unique sessions


Unique support for your big picture thinking and ongoing big projects


I use a scientific Ph.D. mind, an artistic Disney Imagineer heart, and a business professor sensibility to help your team.

I bring original ideas and approaches across the domains of design, brand, story, strategy, big picture thinking, culture, psychology, science, organizations, and creativity to help you

  • when your team needs new original ideas

  • when your team needs to learn powerful competencies

  • when your team needs strategic and design thinking

Talks & Trainings 

Original and powerful ideas to help your team discover and do amazing things.


The ideas I share are all big, powerful, and far-reaching in their impact, such that no matter who you are, they can help you

  • learn original and powerful ideas and competencies 

  • use both a scientific mind and imaginative, artistic heart

  • see how to apply the ideas to your challenges

Full Topics List


Ideation & Design

Original and powerful approaches to big picture thinking and idea generation in unique and effective design strategy and ideation sessions.

Your team will get powerful ideas, gain clarity, and enjoy the session all the way through as you

  • use your scientific mind, artistic heart, and business sensibility in a holistic approach

  • collaborate in experiential and enjoyable ways that work for your team

  • synthesize thoughts, information, and inspiration into what matters

Advising & Consulting

Original and powerful ideas and approaches for your big picture thinking and big projects.

Your vision will be respected and cared for, and you will

  • get the right ideas to support and develop your vision

  • see your big picture and deliver on the details

  • the entire way through, enjoy the process

“Troy has the superpower to turn science into tools”

Brad Robertson

Partner, On Your Feet

"I stumble across situations regularly, weekly, if not more, where I recall something that came from the workshops."

Casey Ingles

Director of Brand Strategy, Owens Corning

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