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Hiduke House helps professionals of all kinds learn and make amazing things 


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 Academics and Educators, Activists, Applied Improvisers, Artists, Business Leaders, Corporate Educators, Designers, Disney People, Fiction Writers, Filmmakers and Entertainers, Marketers, Novices, Psychologists and Behavioral Scientists, Sales, Scientists and Data Analysts, Small Businesses, and Songwriters.

For You

Psychology Folks


I believe psychological science is the most widely applicable palette of ideas for anyone to know, and I had the joy of doing a PhD in it. 


For you, I adapt the science in practical and creative forms to give you new ways to teach and apply the unparalleled power of psychology. 



Check Out: Psychology Books, Science of Cool, Emotion Lyrics


Hire/Collab: Articles, guest speaking, applied science

Fiction People


I believe in the power of fiction to bring people to truths, and write fiction myself.


For you, I present the creative forms of Stories About and Lyrics About, and I capture original and powerful ideas about story in "scientific mind, artistic heart" books and analyses. 


Check Out: Stories About, Pitches, Lyrics About, Books on Story


Hire/Collab: Stories, story teaching, experimental projects

Hollywood & Entertainment Folks


I was a film major and Disney Imagineer before I was a consumer psychology PhD.


For you, I share original ideas that start in theory and are expanded with creativity to help you make better and never-done-before things.


Check Out: Story Pitches, The Destiny Narrative, Design Books


Hire/Collab: Make something together, purchase ideas, consulting

Applied Improv Folks

I believe the improv mindset is one of the most widely useful mindsets, and I serve as chief scientist at On Your Feet, a world leader in applied improv deliveries.


For you, I bring a "scientific mind, artistic heart" approach to help even the best apply improv better and argue more scientifically for its value.


Check Out:  A.C.E., PortalsYes, And Science


Hire/Collab: Events, Corporate Education, Innovation Days

Disney Folks

I was a psychological scientist at Walt Disney Imagineering who found more magic through "scientific mind, artistic heart" approaches.


My goal is to bring additional sophistication and inspiration to Disney-style design and storytelling to offer something additive to even world experts like you.


Check Out: Portals, Thrill-Take-Connect, The Destiny Narrative


Hire/Collab: New designs, science of design talks, consulting

Business Leaders

I believe a "scientific mind, artistic heart" approach can help all businesses.


I apply this unique approach to help you and your team create, ideate, strategize, and build skills in novel and practical ways.


Check Out: Invisible Fruit, Goal-Insight-Action, A.C.E. Teams

Hire/Collab: Strategy and idea days, talks and training, consulting

Small Businesses

I believe the best ideas often come from small teams.


My goal is to help your small business team take big leaps through design, brand, and story.


Check Out: D’s of Design, Multi-Narrative Story, Big Identity Net


Hire/Collab: Strategy and ideas days, talks and training, consulting


I believe the most advanced ideas can be used by novices, if those ideas are properly defined and applied by an expert. 


My goal is to be an expert that doesn't just give you the basics, but helps you understand the most advanced and original ideas.


Check Out: Advanced Ideas and Useful Takes

Hire/Collab: Talks, micro consulting, trainings


I take a "scientific mind, artistic heart" approach to the theory of change.

My goal is to help activists like you see new ways to make big change happen through a combination of psychology, artistic inspiration, and creative grit.


Check Out: Team Hero, Solution Aversion, Useful Takes on Society


Hire/Collab: Activism initiatives, talks, consulting


I believe that artists can benefit from the scientific mind, but only when the scientist gets and respects the artistic heart.


My goal is to bring “scientific mind, artistic heart” approaches to help artists like you discover and make unique and amazing things.


Check Out: Lyrics and Takes on Art, Books on Design and Creativity

Hire/Collab: Art projects, interdisciplinary events, consulting

Design Folks

I produce original ideas and approaches at the intersection of psychology, art, and business.


My goal is to bring amazing designers like you ideas you’ve never seen before so you can do things that have never been done before.


Check Out: Design Pitches, Original Ideas on Design and Creativity


Hire/Collab: Designs, consulting, products


I capture ideas in original lyrics and in academic lab experiments. 


My goal for you is to bring a “scientific mind, artistic heart" approach to lyric writing to help even the best lyricists discover and create stronger idea foundations and narratives.


Check Out: Lyrics About, Lyrics About Guide, Story Techniques

Hire/Collab On: New lyrics, improving lyrics, performing lyrics

Education & Academic Folks

I believe in the power of great education and have spent my life pioneering new approaches in academia, media, and industry. 


My goal is to bring you original ideas, experiences, approaches, and takes for modern, classic, and powerful education at any level.


Check Out: Define + Apply, Edu Takes, Fundamentals Problem

Hire/Collab: New approaches, talks, media

Science & Data People 

Science and data are powerful, but leveraging and communicating their value can be very difficult.


I help great data-minded people like you express the value of their ideas, generate new ones, and approach their data in novel ways.


Check Out: Goal-Insight-Action, Invisible Fruit, Every Shade of Blue 

Hire/Collab: New approaches, talks, media

Corporate Education 


I love training people at companies, as they are often advanced, attentive, and the most receptive to useful, concise education.


My goal is to help you create in person or virtual experiences that are truly impactful, experiential, and joyful, in the topics of story, marketing, culture, design, innovation, creativity, and more.


Check Out: Ideas on Education, Story, Culture, Leadership here

Hire/Collab: Trainings, talks, curriculum 


I am a marketing professor who believes marketing is everything and can do everything. 


My goal is to help bring you original insights and logic at the intersection of science, art, biz, and culture that can be additive to your brilliance. 


Check Out: Science of Cool, Multi-Narrative, Super Signals

Hire/Collab: consulting, talks, project collabs 



Sales is psychology, problem-solving, improv, storytelling, communication, and so much. 


My goal is to bring you ideas and unique experiences that are everything at once, because you need to be everything at once.


Check Out: Story, Psychology, and Communication big ideas here


Hire/Collab: training, talks, stoytelling

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