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White Paper Books

Big, colorful, scientific mind, aristic heart ideas presented as white paper book summaries to help you learn and make amazing things 

The Hiduke House White Paper Books have everything great books have, except the word count. Each one has a big idea, fun title, practical model, intriguing anecdotes, inspirations from science, art, and business, and many original and powerful applications.

I may write some of these scientific mind, artistic heart ideas as actual books one day, but for now, I share them in this simple working white paper summary form to be useful to you. Happy short reading!

Featured Books

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How to better begin everything from Disney rides to daily habits


How to tell one big story through many smaller narratives


A model for seeing every shade of an idea, inspired by how van Gogh painted with color


A scientific definition for breaking norms and making amazing things

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A scientific guide to the most fundamental phrase for creativity, collaboration, and communication

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Why people deny solvable problems

The Book List

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Storytelling Books

The most powerful, persuasive, and entertaining story structure of all time

How to best communicate the value of anything in three fundamental steps 

How to tell a big story through multiple, complimentary narratives

Featured: Examples from Multi-Narrative Storytelling
Imagery with On Your Feet

Design Books

A model for breaking norms and making amazing things

How to better begin everything

A model for designing amazing experiences inspired by what makes a great Disney ride

A guide to designing for and leading people in our oscillating metamodern world

A flexible model for designing and deciding anything based on how different stages of a process require different mindsets

Featured: Examples from The Science of Cool
Graphics by Issac Auxier

Creativity Books

The power of writing lyrics for innovation, discovery, and communication

A way of seeing all the different shades of an idea, inspired by how Vincent van Gogh could paint with every shade of blue

A scientific exploration of the two words most fundamental to creativity, communication, and collaboration

How to deeply define and powerfully apply big ideas, academic knowledge, and design techniqes 

Psychology Books

Why people deny solvable problems

A model for reaching new and resistant audiences through the act of welcoming

Why what we feel about ourselves matters so much to what we enjoy

A guide to the most fundamental human bias and how to overcome it

The foundations for complete relationships in life and work

Featured: Comics About Psychology Books 
Art by MR Trower

Commnication Books

A model for combining multiple forces to powerfully communicate

How to make someone feel a meaningful of something

How to get people to remember what you have to say

What teams always need to do, especially today: Acknowledge, Connect, and Explore

Business & Organizations Books

How to find the value you already have but cannot see

How and why people with adjacent expertises should come together more often

The importance of everyday learning, sharing, and creating experiences for building innovative people and organizations

An exploration of how many of today's new challenges are difficult because we never mastered certain fundamentals

Featured: Examples from Slide Guides 
With Gary Hirsh and OYF