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The Story

I always was the science kid, but I was always more interested in people than protons and art than arithmetic.


And, because of that, I struggled to find my place, not feeling at home in my science or art studies or work.

Until, one day, I discovered psychology and behavioral science. With these approaches, I could use a science-minded approach to study the things I cared most about: people, art, experiences, emotions, story, culture, entertainment, and more.



Then, for a long time, about 15 years, I was a full-time psychology and behavioral science academic.


I loved how the academic model quested to define and capture ideas about human experience. During this time, I published a lot, the Obama Administration used my work, I got a PhD at Duke that focused in social and consumer psychology, I became a marketing professor at Oregon, and I applied the science at Walt Disney Imagineering, Netflix Consumer Insights, and many startups. 

But, eventually, I found academic science's singular way of knowing to be somewhat shallow, often colorless, and, in general, just not right for me to do full time.


So, I left research academia to capture the types of vibrant ideas that you just can’t in scientific publications, ideas that are simultaneously more complicated and more accessible.


Today, I call my philosophy "scientific mind, artistic heart," and I use this philosophy to deliver unique services and to create and capture ideas in detailed podcasts, book projects, takes, lyrics, experiences, product pitches, and occasional academic papers.


As a professional consultant, collaborator, and communicator, I create, share, and apply these ideas with the most innovative companies including Disney, Nike, Google, Netflix, as well as niche startups, indie artists, event designers, students, nonprofits, and curious people like you. 



I hope Hiduke House can help you learn or make something amazing.



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