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I use a scientific mind, artist heart approach

Here's what that means . . .



The scientific mind, artistic heart approach combines two overlapping but distinctly different approaches.


Together they can lead to:

  • divergent ways of thinking

  • different knowledge libraries

  • diverse tools and inspirations

When you have both you can see so much more. 

The Scientific Mind 


The scientific mind is thinking and doing through knowledge that is generated with evidence and logic.

Science is:

  • intentionally precise

  • literally defined

  • functionally rigid

Science is often brutal and annoyingly but usefully limited.

The Artistic Heart​


The artistic heart is thinking and doing through expression, abstraction, and techniques that go beyond science.

Art is:

  • expansively abstract

  • rebelliously emotional

  • deeply flexible

Art can be everything, nothing, and free.


The scientific mind and artistic heart brings so much together but also to one another. 

The artistic heart can be more creative when it:

  • defines ideas scientifically and thinks with science's "if-then" logical hypothesizing 

  • uses the knowledge of scientific theories and findings about identity, emotion, culture, story, memory, and even concepts like cool, love, and meaning 

  • experiments with tools inspired by those the scientific method and data-focused approaches 


The scientific mind can be more effective when it:

  • defines ideas abstractly and through thinking that is emotional and more an intuitive gestalt than literal

  • uses the knowledge that comes from other ways of knowing than the often singular, sterile, shallow, short-sighted monolith of academic scientific knowing 

  • experiments with tools such as idea generation through lyric writing, narrative immersion, and improvisation 

Artists claim to be brave and scientists claim to be innovative, but neither is truly brave or innovative till they at least momentarily embrace the completely opposite, but complimentary approach.



I use the scientific mind, artistic heart to create and to help others learn and make amazing things via talks, teaching, experiences, consulting, and more. 

My approach is based imy personal scientific focus in experimental psychology and my personal artistic focus in design, story, and lyricism, and that personal blend and passion has made it unique and useful to people. 

In a world where everyone generically says, "We bring the science and art," my scientific mind, artistic heart approach is meant to be distinctly different, bold, and a bit "extreme," but always immediately accessible such that it is uniquely my own and fully shareable with everyone

My scientific mind, artistic heart approach is expressed with: 

  • A podcast and white paper book series of original and powerful ideas that aren't completely science and definitively not art theory but some synthesized gestalts meant to be useful

  • A creative library of ideas captured in artistic forms such as lyrics, stories, pitches, and more, but always done done with scientific intentionality and practical preciscion 

  • A history of work done with the most innovative brands, universities, and small start-ups

I believe everyone has a scientific mind, and artistic heart and I want everyone to truly explore it. 

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