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I use a scientific mind, artistic heart approach

Here's what that means . . .



The scientific mind, artistic heart approach combines two overlapping but distinctly different approaches.


Together they can lead to:

  • divergent ways of thinking

  • different knowledge libraries

  • diverse tools and inspirations

When you have both, you can see so much more. 

The Scientific Mind 


The scientific mind is thinking and doing through knowledge that is generated with evidence and logic.

Science is:

  • intentionally precise

  • literally defined

  • functionally rigid

Science is uniform: there is no individual voice, only fact. 

The Artistic Heart​


The artistic heart is thinking and doing through expression, abstraction, and techniques that go beyond science.

Art is:

  • expansively abstract

  • rebelliously emotional

  • deeply flexible

Art is personal: it embraces the unique insights that can come from an individual.  


The scientific mind and artistic heart combines for original and powerful results. 

I believe everyone has a scientific mind and an artistic heart and I want everyone to truly explore it through ideas and experiences.

My scientific mind, artistic heart approach is expressed with: 

  • A history of work done with the most innovative brands, universities, and small start-ups

  • A creative library of ideas captured in artistic forms, such as lyrics, stories, pitches, and more, but always done  with scientific intentionality and practical precision 

  • A unique podcast and white paper book series of original and powerful ideas that aren't completely science and are also definitively not art theory but something else

Embrace the complemenarty.

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