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Colorful Lights

Put original, powerful, and colorful ideas out into the world for free to reach three audiences: clients, collaborators, and curious people.

May our paths cross somehow

Hiduke House Model

I do innovative talks, consulting, and sessions on story, brand, design, innovation, creativity, EX/CX/UX, marketing, culture, logic, communication, and psychology in ways relevant to your specific profession.

Clients include Disney, Netflix, Nike, Google, Microsoft, Intel, UnitedHealth, Owens Corning, Way-B, and R2C.

Original ideas, original results


“An infinitely valuable and capable partner.”

Casey Ingles

 Director of Brand Strategy, Owens Corning


"The session was just plain fun and engaging."

Pamela Kelly-Dockter

Product Owner, Intel Women's Leadership


With Collaborators

I create original and powerful things with small biz, innovators, artists, designers, educators, scientists, non-profits, and more. 


Collaborators include Stanford D-School, Comic-Con, Frank, Boys & Girls Club, Dark Horse, innovation incubators, and indie artists.

Hit me up, cool people

try dis.jpeg

“Troy has the superpower to turn science into tools.”

Brad Robertson

Partner, On Your Feet


"Troy is a creative; bursting with ideas and the passion to pursue them."

Adrian Camilleri

Associate Professor of Marketing, University of Technology, Sydney


I put out original scientific mind, artistic heart ideas that reach people via press, podcasts, papers, science, and more.

Curious people include thought leaders, scientists, presidential administrations, comedians, teachers, CEOs, designers, students, parents, and many others. 

Distinctly different, immediately impactful

“Solution aversion is brilliant research.”

Adam Grant

Author, Wharton Professor

Curious Mind

“#1 most discussed psychology research paper of the year online.”

Academic Measurement  Firm
Curious Minds

Selected Press​

Colorful Lights

I created Hiduke House to interact with the most interested people and the most interesting ideas, always with a scientific mind, artistic heart approach

A home for the scientific mind and artistic heart

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