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Lyrics About

I use a scientific mind, artist heart approach to write and help others write lyrics about original and powerful ideas to help people learn, discover, and create

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Lyrics About are ideas captured in original lyrics that are written for purposes beyond the lyrics.

The goal is to use a scientific mind, artistic heart approach to channel the unique powers of lyrics to create, capture, and share ideas.

This approach is inspired by how scientists conduct experiments to isolate and capture ideas, and the unique artistic powers of lyrics. ​

The goal is not to instantly create "perfect" art, but to use lyrics to bottle foundational ideas for discovery, creating, sharing, and sometimes later for polishing in ways that can become great art or precise langauge.

I apply the Lyrics About approach in two main ways.

help others write lyrics about their art, self, brand, designs, visions, challenges, customers, and more use to people discover, do, and make amazing things. I do this in collabs with artists, in workshops with businesses, and in custom activities for all.

write my own lyrics to discover and to augment the science and theories in my teaching and OPI Talks, and to share with you all here. 

hope you will find some originality, power, and enjoyment in my Lyrics About or maybe even find a personal breakthrough by writing your own.

My Lyrics About . . . 


Click the selected titles below to read each set of  lyrics | Contact to view or discuss additional lyrics

Modern Emotions

Capturing modern ideas with color and precision to compliment and expand academic and culutral perspectives

Lyrics about a modern melancholy

Lyrics about the oscillating nature of metamodern culture

Lyrics about the cultural revival of absurdism

Lyrics about escaping into the imaginary worlds inside one’s own head

Robot That Has Given Up.png

I just wanna zone for so long

And pour more than sleepy time in my cup

While I listen to a song

That sounds like a robot that has given up

     -Blank Blues

Concept Art by Brett Cuviello

Existential Feelings

Capturing the emotion, fear, and depth of psychological theories, artistic practices, and life itself 

Lyrics about the existential terrors that linger in our heads as we try to hide them behind things like “Sunday Brunch Smiles”

Lyrics about the valid fear of never being fully known by anyone, even one's friends 

Lyrics about the psychology of identity loss, change, and longing

Now we’re all screaming under our softest breath

Sunday brunch smiles but scared to death

     -Sunday Brunch Smiles


As a consumer psychologist raised on country music, I find there is unique value in this simple narrative-ready genre

Lyrics about longing for the calm, nature, and country that exists in pockets everywhere 

Lyrics about life, captured with simplicity and gritty optimism

Lyrics about an "in-between" love and lust relationship meant to clearly capture an evolving trend in music and popular culture

Lyrics about how rural America is suffering and, at the same time, is being romanticized

people_with_flashlights (2).png

Where’s your country, where’s that part

A prairie field like a work of art

A lake or diner to fill my heart

A rusty gate where the backroads start

     -Where's Your Country?


Applying the science of how people process time and the personal experience of being a not-old-but-not-young indivdiual

Lyrics that proudly and combatively invert the glory days trope

Lyrics that about embracing continual personal change

Lyrics about a love story told in four parts with a core embodied weather metaphor

Cuz you're in a story no one's written or read

Your glory days are right ahead

     -Glory Days Ahead

coaching dist.png


Reflections on music and art, with a lot of influence from social, consumer, and cognitive psychology 

Lyrics about what an audience can mean to a performer, especially a long-time performer

Lyrics about an analytical artist who can deeply understand people, but feels divided from them

Lyrics about the power of simple songs and their overlooked contextual relevance

Lyrics about loving and relating to sad songs, but wishing you didn’t

As these ageless images fly

Through my mind

I see you in thousands of frames

Pictures of so many people

I know them all, but

Only know a few names

     -Familiar Faces


A collection of ideas captured in very short  lyrics and prose

Micro lyrics about different happy feelings

Micro lyrics about different existential, bold, depressive, and angsty feelings

Micro prose about how academic psychology and artistic lyrics do a similar thing

And of every type of thing you’ve been dreaming of The only one that lives up to the hype is love

     -The Hype

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