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Original and powerful ideas for learning and making amazing things, built from a scientific mind, artistic heart approach

Hiduke House

Created by Troy Hiduke Campbell, PhD


Podcast Trailer

Art by Gary Hirsch and Tim Lee

Hiduke House is a home for original and powerful ideas and services to help you learn and make amazing things.


The mission is to use a distinct scientific mind, artistic heart approach to intersections of psychology, design, story, marketing, art, business, and creativity.


It is built from my life as a Duke consumer psychology PhD, Oregon marketing professor, art scholar, Disney Imagineer, advisor to Nike and Netflix, and much more. ​


I hope one of these ideas or services can help you discover and make something amazing.

-Troy Hiduke Campbell-

Splattered Paint

Multi-Narrative Storytelling: How to Tell Your Big Story

Art by OYF and Gary Hirsch

Abstract Texture

The  Science of Cool: How to Break Norms and Make Amazing Things

Graphics by Issac Auxier


Portals: How to Better Begin Everything

Podcast Apperance on FLIP THE SWITCH

White Brick Wall

Original Science: How to Combat Solution Averion, Bias, and More 

Art by MR Trower 

“Solution aversion is brilliant research.”

Adam Grant

Author, Professor, Wharton 

Curious Person

“Troy has the superpower to turn science into tools”

Brad Robertson

Partner, On Your Feet


“#1 most discussed psychology research paper of the year online.”


Academic Measurement  Firm

Curious Persons

"The session was just plain fun and engaging."

Pamela Kelly-Dockter

Product Owner, Intel Women's Leadership Academy


Past Work​

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