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Begin with your most pressing and most important goals


Get a talk with original and powerful ideas that are relevant to you


Get those insights and ideas translated into immediate actions

OPI Talks

Original and powerful ideas to help your team discover and do amazing things 

Each idea I share around story, design, creativity, communication, psychology, and organizations is big, powerful, and far-reaching in its impact, such that no matter who you are, expert or novice, these ideas can help you.

The ideas are built from my unique scientific mind, artistic heart career as a scientist, designer, consultant, executive educator, and business professor.


Technique: Goal Boards

 In many of my talks, we write your goals on two boards, such that the talk takes place in the literal middle of your goals

This ensures that the Original & Powerful Ideas   are always applied directly to your goals using the Goal Insight Action framework.

“Troy has the superpower to turn science into tools.”

Brad Robertson

Partner, On Your Feet

Brilliant research.”

Adam Grant

Author, Professor, Wharton 

"The session was just plain fun and engaging."

Pamela Kelly-Dockter

Product Owner, Intel Women's Leadership

Past OPI Talks​

Original & Powerful Ideas

Click the OPI to read extensive white papers

View short visual slide overviews of the OPIs here.   ​

Story Ideas

How to use the most powerful, persuasive, and entertaining story structure of all time to connect with audiences and lead authentic change

How to best communicate the value of an idea, solution, product, business plan, data point, or scientific finding

How to tell a big story through multiple complementary narratives

Design Ideas

A model for breaking norms and making amazing things

How to better begin everything

A model for designing amazing experiences, inspired by what makes a great Disney ride

A guide to designing for and leading people in our oscillating, metamodern world

A flexible model for designing and deciding anything based on how different stages of a process require different mindsets

Creativity Ideas

A way of seeing all the different shades of an idea, inspired by how Vincent van Gogh could paint with every shade of blue

A scientific exploration of the two words most fundamental to creativity, communication, and collaboration

How to deeply define and powerfully apply big ideas, academic knowledge, and design techniqes 

The power of writing lyrics for innovation, discovery, and communication

Psychology Ideas

Why people deny solvable problems

A model for reaching new and resistant audiences through the act of welcoming

Why what we feel about ourselves matters so much to what we enjoy

A guide to the most fundamental human bias and how to overcome it

The foundations for complete relationships in life and work

Business & Organizations Ideas

How to find the value you already have but cannot see

How and why people with adjacent expertises should come together more often

The importance of everyday learning and sharing and of creating experiences for building innovative people and organizations

An exploration of how many of today's new challenges are difficult because we never mastered certain fundamentals

Communications Ideas

How to get people to remember what you have to say

A model for combining multiple forces to powerfully communicate

How to make someone feel a meaningful of something

What teams always need to do: Acknowledge, Connect, and Explore

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