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The Library

The Hiduke House Library is a place for original and powerful ideas to help you learn and make amazing things.

Each idea is distinctly captured in forms that range from straightforward white papers to abstract lyrics.


The library was created to be useful to everyone: from the most advanced innovators to scrappy upstarts to everyday curious people.

Original and powerful ideas deeply defined and broadly applied through straightforward white papers.

Includes: The Destiny Narrative, The Science of Cool, Solution Aversion, Adjacents Assemble, and more

Ideas captured in takes about society, education, art, design, and more, that are meant be intriguing and useful for well informed or just curious people. 

Includes: Nike Ads Are Easy, Art is Exaggeration, You Can Teach That!, The Audience is the Problem, and more

Ideas captured in real pitches to studios and collaborators for stories, shows, events, and brands, written to be conceptually interesting for all.

Includes: The Logic Show, 101, No Celebrities,​ Villain Speeches, Comedy Then Science, and more

Ideas captured through the power of original lyrics. 

Includes: Absurd Revival, Where's Your Country, Blank Blues, A Sadness You Will Never Know, and more

Ideas captured through the power of short fiction.

Includes: The Gross Misuse of a Metaphor, The Devil Cares, Why Aren't You An Architect?, and more

A podcast that presents ideas from across this library and beyond in a short colorful, narrative form.

Includes: Portal, The Big Identity Net, Every Shade of Blue, Multi-Narrative Storytelling, and more

Ideas captured in academic scientific publications, inspired by creative interests in the topics of happiness, denial, empathy, morality, and more

Includes: Flight From Fact, Too Much Experience Bias, Dual Concern, Competence-Enjoyment Link, and more

Why do you I use different forms to capture ideas?

Because different forms can capture ideas in unique ways.


White papers are good for big, practical ideas, pitches are good for action plans, takes get at what's missing, stories do so much to find universal truths in the specific, lyrics bottle aspects of emotion and culture that are sometimes undefinable in the scientific sense, and science does what science does best: emperical evidence.

Why do you I use word docs​ and slides so much? ​


Because word docs and slides present the pure idea without fluff.


My love of word docs comes being a scientist sharing research and a film student sharing scripts -- always with a simple word doc form.


My love for slides comes from being an academic and business educator whose students and clients always have wanted slide summaries most.

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