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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of Hiduke House?

To put ideas out in the world for free to reach three audiences: curious people, collaborators, and clients. 

And, then, professionally to provide for them with "scientific mind, artistic heart" work at the intersection of psychology, story, design, experience, art, business, academia, creativity, and more.


What are the ideas?

Each idea is my own original idea or my own unique adaptation of another's powerful idea. 


The ideas themselves are built from my distinct  "scientific mind, artistic heart" approach and career as a Duke consumer psychology PhD, Oregon professor, Walt Disney Imagineer, and innovation consultant to Nike, Netflix, and many more.


Why do you use different forms like books and lyrics to capture ideas? 


I believe different "artistic forms" can be used to create, capture, and share ideas in unique ways. 


Books are good for big, applicable ideas, pitches are good for complex initiatives, takes get us to see what's missing, lyrics bottle aspects of emotion and culture that are sometimes undefinable in the scientific sense, and stories do so much to find universal truths in the specific. 


Are you going to write those books? 

Maybe one day, but, for now, I present them here with only the best and most essential stuff. 

The Hiduke House book summaries have everything great books have. They have a bold thesis, fun title, practical model, cool anecdotes, powerful applications, and useful tips.

Can the ideas help me? 

Yes, whether you are a world-leading innovator, a scrappy upstart, or a curious person of any kind, there's something new here for you.


Of course, no idea is completely original, and no powerful idea is flawless, but the ideas here should be at least a bit new and relevant to you, no matter who you are. 

Are these the same ideas from that podcast?

Yes, many of these ideas are explored with narrative and color in my podcast, Original & Powerful Ideas. 

Even if you have read the summaries, the episodes have something new to offer, and even if you've listened to the episodes, the summaries have more nuance to offer. 

Why do you use word docs​ and slides so much?

I love and advocate using simple, non-flashy word docs, slides, and websites to share an idea in its pure, detailed, or summary form with interested readers.

My love of the simple word doc comes from using it as a scientist sharing research and a film student sharing scripts, in each field's iconic, double-spaced word doc form. 

My love for slides comes from being a professor and business educator whose students and clients always wanted slide summaries more than anything else.

Do you do talks and trainings on these ideas? 


Yes, I deliver talks, workshops, curriculums, and training on all these ideas.


Often, I do this with experiential and theatrical elements in person and virtually.


Do you consult and collaborate?

Yes, I apply these ideas and many more in practice to innovation, brand, story, and design.


I consult for big and small brands, and I collaborate with many smaller brands and artists to create amazing things.

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