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My name is Troy Hiduke Campbell, and I use a scientific mind, artistic heart approach to help people learn and make amazing things. 

People come to me for design, brand, story, strategy, big picture thinking, culture, psychology, behavioral science, and creativity when they need: 


+ New original ideas


+ To learn powerful competencies


+ Help with strategic and design thinking

Hiduke Hosue is built from my life as a Duke consumer psychology PhD, Oregon marketing professor, art scholar, Disney Imagineer, advisor to Nike and Netflix, and much more.

started Hiduke House to create and share unique ideas that are original and useful to anyone, whether you are a world expert, a scrappy upstart, or just a curious person. 

If you want do something uniquely amazing or hit the fundamentals out of the park, Hiduke House is here with original and powerful ideas and approaches via many public media projects and private professional services such as talks, consulting, and sessions.



Troy Hiduke Campbell

that's me

Hiduke House

name I give to all my idea sharing and professional work around design, story, brand, strategy, art, psychology, behavioral science, and more

Scientific Mind, Artistic Heart

my philosophy that combines the logic and precision of science and the emotion and abstraction of art

Original & Powerful Ideas

the name of my ideas podcast and of my speaking engagements 

White Paper Books

the name of the extended summaries I write of my favorite original and adapted "book-worthy" ideas

Creative Library

where I put hundreds of my original and adapted ideas captured in many forms like lyrics, stories, and pitches

On Your Feet

the creative firm where I serve as the chief scientist and do large scale organization intiatives and trainings 


Walt Disney Imagineering

my favorite place I used to work


Oregon, Duke, UC Irvine, Cal Poly

where I was a marketing professor and did research,

where I did my consumer psychology PhD,

where I studied psychology, writing, and film,

the university I now teach classes at

San Luis Obispo

the coastal California city where I live with my partner

Talks, Shops, Consulting

how I bring my clients ideas, solutions, inspiration, and big picture thinking 


what I do with small businesses, indie artists, designers, scientists, non-profitsand more


who I aim to be relevant to via ideas or services, from world experts to novices and all curious minds

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