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Idea Pitches

Original and powerful ideas captured in pitches for shows, art, and brands.

Featured: Original Brands & Stories

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A series dedicated to that amazing villain moment through original characters


No Celebrities

A brand dedicated to one rule: no celebrities in the media they make

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Ghost On The Left

An action, horror, buddy story that captures a character meant to drive unique personal introspection 

Featured: Based On Proven Pilots


Listen, Then Recommend

An experience that captures the value of deeply listening before recommending | proven by a pilot project with world experts at a Comic-Con


Define + Apply The Greats

A series that defines and applies the power of great innovators and artists | proven by lectures and live interviews with greats done by my colleagues and myself

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A podcast built on the belief that when you understand the 101 of anything, it helps you with everything | proven by a podcast I did at the University of Oregon

Each pitch here is a real pitch to studios or collaborators for something I believe should exist, but each pitch is also written in detail to showcase ideas about art, life, and science to help all learn and make amazing things. 

Selected Pitches

Click titles to read the details of the pitch and theories they capture

Intellectual & Educational Series

A show that captures the importance of speaking about things logically: not emotionally, not morally, not even factually, but logically

An academic series that captures the belief that when you understand the 101 of anything, it can help you with everything

A series that captures the magic of the greatest artists, innovators, and leaders so you can use their magic in your own life 

A series that captures and shares the best moments in the greatest written works 

A series that captures the power of pairing pure comedy and pure science

The Two Goals of Ideas Pitches 


Use the form of a pitch to capture big ideas to share or teach something that would not be possible to do as well in another form.

Create market-ready pitches through a "scientific mind, artistic heart" approach that deeply focuses on a powerful core idea. 

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Stories & Art

A character-driven superhero story that captures a visually innovative and thematically dense approach

A series that captures what can be uniquely expressed in a villain speech through a diverse cast of modern, original villain characters

An action, horror, buddy story that captures the tension between friendship and selfishness

An album that captures the distinct way a song can bottle an idea or argument

Curve: Concept Imagery and Descriptions 

with Brett Curviello

Brands & Experiences

A brand that captures something society needs more often: no celebrities

A brand and experience that captures the idea that dancing to a theme for 15 minutes is a special, holistic, and flexible experience that should be everywhere

A series, brand, and experience that captures the power of listening with empathy and recommending with expertise

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